It’s not You, it’s Me!

At one point in my life the title of this article was a tough pill to swallow. I have to say controlling your emotions really is a huge part of your day. For me having coffee and then reading my bible does prepare me for my day, but thats just the beginning.

I have to remind myself how I react to others through out my day, that’s the difficult part. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is also difficult to do. Trying to remind yourself to think then respond is also a difficult, especially if you are the person who has to have the last word. That was me! Still is on some occasions, don’t judge, I’m a work in progress. Thank you for God’s grace.

My experience with this has been to always fall short. I would always react over my emotions then think back to and kick myself for my words. Having to apologize for your words later is so difficult. “The Bible teaches us to always believe the best of every person.” Joyce Meyer I use to have the absolute hardest time to do this. I was so upset and angry with everything in life, I really didn’t know how to manage it all.

From no longer going my path, but having to trust God’s way and not my way. I couldn’t believe it, but I threw an adult tantrum. I was couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to get so worked up and upset and then take it out on others.


I started to really focus on my thoughts around March. Yes, it was just a few months ago, I recently obtained a lot of time on my hands, but I can really see a difference in how I think and how I react to people and their attitudes. I don’t let people get to me.

Learning how to think according to the Word of God is harder than you may think, especially when you aren’t used to doing it.

These are the tips I used to get me on track with this hard and difficult task:

  1. Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer, this book really opened my eyes to seeing things a different way. I absolutely love this book and I do refer back to it a lot. Her book outlines how to think about others first, thinking how Christ wants you to think, how making decisions based on your emotions is never a good idea, and it uses the Bible scriptures to show you how God expects you to act as well. I refer to this book because it makes me check my thoughts and what comes out my mouth when something isn’t going my way.
  2. Get a journal Always document your progress, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make notes on what happened to cause you to act a certain way or say something that you maybe shouldn’t have said. I know when I write my occurrences down and then think how I reacted, it opens my eyes to a whole new attitude. It is much easier to walk away or not say anything at all then to have to apologize later for it. Also it gives you a chance to reflect on your progress and see how far you’ve come. That can be an amazing feeling. Reward yourself, you’re growing and maturing into what God wants you to be.
  3. Schedule your time with God. I can not tell how important it is to keep a time marked on your calendar. This frees up your time to really focus on yourself and your time with God. What better person to talk to about yourself than God? He is always there to listen and offer guidance.
  4. Get you some study cards. Writing out your favorite scriptures and reading them throughout your day really helps, and it gives you a chance to look at your day. I have found that reading scripture always helps me get through my day and it increases my happiness too. I try to reflect on God’s word daily and through out my day even more.
  5. Take one day at a time. We all make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to focus on today, tomorrow has its own worries. No one is perfect, and God knows your short comings. Continue to ask God for his forgiveness and he will continue to help you. Remember God will never leave you nor forsake you. Put your trust, hope, worries, difficulties in his hands and you will see a difference in yourself.

Be blessed.

Maui, Hawaii


What a great vacation I had this year. Every year my son and I take a week vacation somewhere. I have tried to teach him to see the world, and to work hard and reward yourself. Well this was our reward, MAUI!! 

Through my work friend I found the nicest travel agent, Theresa D Chapman. She was so helpful and very patient with all of my request. You can imagine I had a thousand questions about Maui, I’ve never been. Also I don’t know when I’ll be going back, so I needed to make the best of this trip. She took care of everything. I highly recommend her for your traveling needs.

We flew with American Airlines, and the flight was great. I did expect the flight to be long, however it was manageable, no swollen feet or neck pain. Our luggage made it as well. There were no issues.

We stayed at the Royal LaHaina Resort. They were very kind and helpful. The room we wanted wasn’t available so they upgraded us to a cottage. This was a room outside, and bigger than what we wanted with a patio. Through out the stay I could not have been more pleased with their service. They have onsite help with car rental, excursions, and shopping. There is also a trolly service that picks you up and takes you around the area for shopping and good food. The trolly service is free, however tips are encouraged


Now lets get down to the trip:

Luau. I attended my first luau while in Maui. The Luau was located at the resort and it was a great experience. From the pig, to the huge buffet, the entertainment, the romantic dance for all couples, it was just amazing. We learned a lot at the Luau, the history of the island and the culture. It actually started to shower during the event, but with the energy that was there that night, you didn’t even notice it.

Food. The food at the resort was great. We did venture out to a few other places for food and drinks as well. We ate at several restaurants and I was pleased with it all. From burgers, to fish, to steak, to lobster. It was all great. We celebrated a birthday on our vacation as well, and the restaurant, Fleetwoods on Front Street was very kind to assist with our requests. The lobster was so delicious, and the service was quick. Fleetwood’s also has live entertainment for your dining pleasure. Another place with tasty root beer floats, which was free for us, was the Cool Cat Cafe. Very laid back environment, with friendly service.

IMG_0933      IMG_0959  IMG_0934

Pearl Harbor. So with the help of our travel agent, she helped with getting our group to Honolulu. As I said before, I don’t know when I’m coming back so Pearl Harbor was a must for me. So she booked us a flight from Maui to Honolulu which is about a 35 minute flight with Hawaiian Airlines. We weren’t really happy with the guessing where we were suppose to go or who we were suppose to meet at the airport. I won’t mention the name of the tour group company, however I did write a review of a few improvements that could be done. The day trip consisted of Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona, USS Missouri, and a tour of Honolulu. The entire experience is a must see. Pearl Harbor is very emotional and has some graphic pictures, however it is something worth seeing.

IMG_0775  IMG_0777IMG_0791


Maui Ocean Center. This aquarium would have been an all day activity as well, however we did not take advantage of the water park or the food and shopping. This aquarium did have a lot of information about the fish in Maui as well as an area where you could actually touch the fish. This was a great place to cool off and enjoy the indoors. The aquarium also has a tunnel where you can walk and the fish in the water. The picture below is a huge sting ray laying on the glass. He was very picture ready.

IMG_0885 IMG_0924IMG_0873

Shopping. We did quite a bit of shopping on the trip considering I dind’t think we planned to. I highly recommend Front Street. That place is amazing. Its a long strip with several shops, places to eat, shaved ice and more. We had a great time shopping, We rented a car and trying to find parking really wasn’t all that difficult to do. Another good spot that is close to the resort was Whalers Village. They have several stores, including the ABC store where I was able to find all my souvenirs and goodies for my family back home.

Cost. The trip price and flight will differ depending on when you’d like to do. The day trip to Pearl Harbor did cost an extra $1000.00 for us including flight.  However I did follow a rule to spend $150.00 a day per person. So for my son and me $300.00 a day for food, drinks, shopping. I will tell you though I did not spend that everyday. There was so much to do and you can always go to the store and purchase drinks and snacks.

This trip was by far one of the best trips I have taken. I really enjoyed the beach, the air, the cooler nights. God really blessed me with this trip.