Younique for the Win

One of my passions is make-up. I have grown to love myself and everything having to do with improving my faith, my skin, and my life. I didn’t always use to be like this. When I was younger, I pretty much was a tom boy. Loved sports, played sports, and was very good at it. Nothing about me said make-up or self confidence. I slowly adapted to wearing make-up, and here I am today loving myself, my skin, and my makeup. Oh and I am a huge shoe person too. I love heels!

I decided to become a YOUNIQUE Presenter because I love these products, and when looking further into the company they are a huge on fighting the fight again sexual abuse. This months kudos honors the resilience of adult female survivors of child and adolescent sexual abuse. All proceeds from each sale will benefit The Younique Foundation.

No I am not asking you to sell any make-up. I am simply promoting a great kit with savings and a chance for you to try it out for yourself.


Be blessed.



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Anchored by Christ. Single mom. Shih Tzu lover. But first coffee. Toast to the good life. Proverbs 3:5-6.

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