After the Storm – Goodbye Harvey

As we watched the news track the Tropical Storm Harvey and know that it’s headed this way but are unable to actually fully prepare for something like this has really shown the pride of the Houston and surrounding areas. Harvey then turn into a Hurricane and hit the Gulf Coast with a bang.

I’m sure you have all seen the news reports and pictures of how Houstonians really came together to help each other, but to actually experience this is something no t.v. news story can cover. To watch our community get crushed by rising flood waters and the thought that maybe we not recover from this is a haunting fear for all.

This storm not only rocked our world, but for most, crushed a spirit that was once thriving and vibrant.

Once the storm passed and the rivers continued to rise, we saw the devastation of what a flood can really do. The waters continued to rise on to the smaller cities near the Houston area. From Richmond to Rosenberg, from Wharton to El Campo to Glen Flora , Boling, Iago and the the rest of Wharton County, Β these small towns were hit just as hard. Homes were lost, a lot of people were left to stay in parking lots and sleep in there vehicles or on tailgates of trucks.

I think I can say that no one is sad to see Harvey go. GOOD BYE HARVEY!

Just so all my readers know, HARVEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.

I evacuated to Wharton thinking that this would be the safest for me, my son, and my dog. The area I live in floods when there is a lot of rain, so I knew that I would be flooded in so I left. When it was clear for me to go home, that’s when I left Wharton to head back to Katy. However in less than a day, the Colorado river rose and the West Side of Wharton was over taken by river water.

The water continued to rise and began to take over the North Side. My son spoke with his grandfather and he said that the water just came so fast and before he knew it the water was in his house and he had to leave. He grandfather said “he had to know that God was looking out for him because he really doesn’t know how he made it out.”

Wharton, TX

To see the stories of all my friends and others of the community of Wharton take such a hard blow, makes me also realize that our small city sticks together and helps each other. Once the word was out that flood had began, shelters were immediately opening for those who were already seeing high water. People continued to bring items needed. I was following all the action via Facebook. This community put together teams to help rescue with boats. It was people helping their community.

Following all my friend on Facebook, they have so many people helping others. They are currently having a food drive and cooking for those who aren’t able to go back home. This city has really shown how to stick together! To see people stepping up and leading the way to help out was a true blessing. #wearewharton

Wharton will RECOVER!Β 

I say that with extreme confidence! Our small town was built on determination and Tiger Pride. The citizens there are quick to defend their town and will do so at all cost. I do ask for your continued prayers for our town. Its small but its STRONG!






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9 thoughts on “After the Storm – Goodbye Harvey

  1. Amen! I’m from Houston and actually wrote a blog post about seeing Jesus through this terrible storm as well! I love the way everyone is coming together and loving one another – God’s love is shining bright. Thanks for sharing!

    Sydney Meek

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