Enjoying your singleness

Oh the single life, the way things are looking for me, I think I’ll be single with my puppy Reggie until the end of time. LOL! No, that’s not actually what I think, but I used to.

Being the only “single” person in a group full of taken ladies can be somewhat discouraging. I say that because well, that is always me.

For a long time now, I have been single. Well my heart and mind were not, but in reality, yes I was. You see, making choices to fulfill the needs of the flesh, really aren’t the best way to go about life. You definitely shouldn’t your emotions or flesh to make any kind decisions.

When we try to satisfy our flesh, we end up making the wrong decisions, and doing things we shouldn’t be doing.

At times it is super frustrating. I see guys in relationships that are there just for the companionship and afraid of being alone. I see women who rush things just so they can “have a man” and be married. I told myself that was something I would not be doing. Although, I too fell in the trap.

Over the years I have allowed my flesh to take over what I know what is right and man, did the bad decision making follow. We all say that having someone accept us for who we are doesn’t really bother us if they don’t, however when you’re at an all time low, and no one is there, what other people think can take a toll on your heart.

Being single can be the absolute best time of your life. IMG_2440

It’s a time to find yourself. It’s a time of figure who you really are. When we get into relationships too soon, all sorts of chaos can happen. If you truly do not know a person, you will soon begin to see that real person, and you may not be too “into” that person after you see the real them.

Ladies and gents, the thing about being single is, you are free to make your own decisions, do what you want and how you want to do it. Whether you want to tolerate someone or if you don’t. Whether you want to spend more time with someone or not.

Being single allows you to figure out the real person you want to become. Learning who you are is a huge part of all of this. Let Jesus help you to figure out who you are.

Ask Jesus daily, how can I be a better person, ask him how he can show you. Being single is not torture, its a season that you need in order to grow. To grow in your faith, in life and to become a better person. Enjoy life the way God wants you to.

Being in a relationship is great! However, give yourself time to take care of you before anyone is added to the equation.

My favorite saying is, “if you aren’t happy with you, how can you be happy with anyone else.” MAN will not fulfill that need, only Jesus can!!

Jesus us always there to listen, to heal, to forgive, and to help you get past your short coming.

Trust in Him, and Him alone.




Wife. Mom, Step Mom & Dog Mom. Running is my passion. 🏃🏻‍♀️ But first COFFEE ☕️ Making my way through this wonderful blessing called LIFE. Trying to find out what my purpose on earth is. Living life one day at a time trying to inspire others.

31 thoughts on “Enjoying your singleness

  1. Marriages has a plus side but remember married coupleare consumed with pleaseing each other but a single person has the pleasure of pleasing God alone. Married people has to remember this being but it’s not as simply as it is when there’s no one else to consider “first” 💕

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    1. Very true. My focus was on trying to get single people to understand to love themselves and please God and he will send the right person into their life at the right time. I think I’ll write and little bit more on this topic. Thank you so much for reading

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  2. I personally enjoy being single . I believe that my time and body are precious and I really do not want to waste them on someone who does not add value to my life . Not really looking at the moment if someone comes along that is right then that is ok if not that is ok as well .

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    1. That is so awesome. I know at one point i didn’t feel like that. Being accepted for me used to be a huge issue. Then i realized my acceptance only should be to please God and him alone. I applaud you. That’s is absolutely amazing.


  3. I personally enjoy being single . If the right one comes along that is great if not that is great as well. Not super in a hurry for a relationship . I also do not want to waste my time on someone not worthy my energy and body is too precious for that

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  4. I’ve been single since the day I brought to this world and enjoyed it by imagining how my future girlfriend would be like.

    B’cuz, well, it inspires me to draw something. And personally, I’m pretty sure being single is the best thing to do. For now…

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    1. That’s so great. Being single is great. I have to say finding who i am is one of the best things i ever did. I’m sure one day you’ll meet that special someone. Until then continue to do what inspires you.


    1. Thank you for reading. I got married too very early however it didn’t work out. The struggle with wanting and having a relationship took me in directions i did not know existed. However thank you Jesus for not allowing me to settle.


    1. I think a lot of that thought process is because the want and need is greater than what you actually have. I enjoy being single. At one time though i felt cheated that i wasn’t. Over time i have grown to love this season of my life.


    1. Thank you for reading. Being newly single can be absolutely hard, but our God is a mighty God and he can get you through it. Stay in prayer and focus on your blessings and what you have to be thankful for. It’s a waste of time to focus on what you don’t. I hope this helped you. Be blessed. And again thank you for reading.


    1. That’s another way of looking at it too. I think what makes me happy about being single is i can share what I’ve learned in the process. Trying to please the world or envy others relationship is not the best way to go about it. Pleasing God is. Well for me anyway.


  5. You are so right about singleness. “Being single can be the absolute best time of your life. ” It brings a lot of freedom, even in ministry – particularly in ministry. Being able to serve God without complication. I wish more Christian denominations and traditions respected singleness and the potential for them to serve the Kingdom!

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