Month: December 2017

Seeing the Best in Everything

Have you checked your attitude this morning? My favorite one is, have you checked your face? Those two questions are what I ask myself before walking out the door. Your attitude is determined by how you think and how the rest of your day will go. It’s the outlook on what your life represents. I…

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Happy Birthday to my Son

Today, 15 years ago, at 6:32am, God allowed me to be a mom. He gave me a 9lb 6oz 21 1/2 inch long baby boy. At that time, I didn’t feel like it was a blessing at all. One reason was because I didn’t want children, but in a marriage you compromise and you just…

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Morning Prayer

How do you start your morning? When your eyes open, what do you do first? Grab your phone? Go make coffee? Every morning when I open my eyes, I say “Thank you” I am so thankful that God allowed me to wake up, which means I have a purpose for today. Someone needs me! When…

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Tis the Season to Forgive

Forgiveness, what is forgiveness? Forgiveness defines as: (noun) the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven¬† I used to have a very hard time with forgiveness. I felt so entitled of my feelings, that I felt others didn’t matter and I should never have to forgive anyone unless I feel like it. Look at…

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