Book Review – Jesus and Coffee

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First, I would like to say, this is not my book. How I would have loved to write this book, because the author definitely had the right idea in mind, however I did not and do not take any credit at all for this book.

With that being said, let’s dive into this book….

What I loved…

The book is referenced directly from the Bible. The knowledge of the author and how he uses particular bible verses in his writing to collaborate with everyday struggles and life occurrences. Having a daily reminder to spend quality time with God, starting each day with Jesus is one of the best acts to show love to God. He should always be the first person you talk to you to start your day and the last person you talk to to end the day.

I really liked how each morning devotional is day is numbered and let’s not for the “cream and sugar.”

What I didn’t like…

The one thing I did not like about this book was there wasn’t enough writing space. (Really that is the only thing I did not like.) Not that I think this is a big issue at all, but I love to write and journal. There is some space to write, however I plan and write, so I felt I needed more space or probably would need a journal to go with this book. I like reading back on my books and seeing the notes. There are no real dislikes for me with this book.

IMG_0024Why you should read this….

I think you should read this book because what better way to start your day than with Jesus. The book is a very easy read and will get you in the habit of spending your morning with Jesus and looking forward to it.

Jesus and Coffee 

The book was bought from Amazon for a really good price!!

About the author….

Dr Tony L. Warrick is an entrepreneur, educator, author of a book called Jesus and Coffee, and ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Tony is the third child of five children, born and raised in Washington, D.C. He relocated to North Carolina to earn a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s Degrees, as well as a Doctor of Theology degree. Tony is married to Ashley Warrick.

Tony’s parting words, ” Always remember that Jesus has risen, which means, He can resurrect lost dreams, broken relationships, and restore every area of your life! Equally, God’s Word is perfect and powerful, but until you make it personal, it will have limited implications on the way we live our lives.”

The impact this book had on me was amazing. This book has put me back in the habit of starting each day with Jesus. Some times with my morning routines I forget or am just too busy. I pray every morning, but this book helped me to really focus on what is important. Jesus and Coffee really touches every aspect of your life and will have you reflecting on God’s word all day. Choosing to make Jesus a part of your morning routine has been the best choice I have made.

Cream and Sugar….. (these are the best parts of the book)

Please have your bible handy, favorite pens & highlighters when reading this book. There are so many bible scriptures he relates to real life concerns and you don’t want to miss a single scripture that brings closer to the life God has for you.

Blessings to you.


Wife. Mom, Step Mom & Dog Mom. Running is my passion. 🏃🏻‍♀️ But first COFFEE ☕️ Making my way through this wonderful blessing called LIFE. Trying to find out what my purpose on earth is. Living life one day at a time trying to inspire others.

25 thoughts on “Book Review – Jesus and Coffee

    1. This book really helped get back on track with my daily prayers especially in the morning. Your first thoughts dictate the rest of your day. This has brought a lot of peace and joy to my day.

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  1. This looks like a great devotional, i love having devotionals to read in the morning so ill look into this one. i totally agree with you on the importance of writing spaces. I know that is not what the books are for, but i love to take my own notes and highlight especially when it comes to Christian books and devotionals.

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  2. I am currently reading Present Over Perfect (you should totally read it and do a review! It’s SO good), and was looking for a new book to read once I finish it. Jesus and Coffee time used to be mine and my daughters favorite thing to do in the morning, and I would love to get back on track with that, and what better way then with a book with the same title!!!

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  3. I have not read this book and your review has me intrigued. I could really relate to you when you wrote “I would have loved to have written this book” – I absolutely adore when I feel that way about a good read. Thank you for your review, I will have to add this on to my ever growing “to read” list.

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  4. Great book review! It’s refreshing to hear a review from a fellow reader who is thorough! I’m intrigued and curious to pick this book up!

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  5. Its great to start off the day with something that connects the individual with the Lord. The review sounds nice – will give it a shot.

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