Are you making room for God’s Blessings?

I am currently reading Jesus and Coffee Vol. II by Tony L. Warrick. This book is even better than volume I. While reading, I came across this ” Is there something you need to release to make room for God’s blessing?”

This made me think of a couple things in my past that if I hadn’t let go of I would not be where I am today. These are the questions from the book that made me really think about what I need to release.

Are you hanging on to relationships that you know you need to walk away from? What about your job? What about the loss of a loved one? Are you consumed in negative thoughts about past situations? Are you holding onto memories that won’t allow you to move forward?

Now those first two questions I can really relate to. My heart kept me in a situationship that my common sense should have got me out of a long time ago. Lord knows I would have never had the courage to leave a job I had so much passion for unless I was forced to do so. I was forced and look at God showing out and continuing to bless me with way more than I deserve.

Everything happens in God’s timing. EVERYTHING!!

We never really see the whole picture until it has passed and we are looking back at where we used to be. I kept my arm crossed and closed a fist. I would not allow God into my life to receive the blessings he has in store for me. I like to think of this time as growth and maturity. Believe me I have a long way to go but God is right here with me.

The question for you is, what are you holding onto? What is keeping you from receiving the blessings God has for you? Are your arms opened or closed? Have you kept yourself away from God’s blessings?

Living a life that God has blessed you with is so amazing.

~Be a blessing~