Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. Think about it, you will congratulate others, tell them they are beautiful or handsome, tell them great job, and to continue to work hard.

Do you tell those same things to your self? Why do we hype up our family, friends, co-workers, but you don’t hype up you?

Let’s normalize giving your own self props for you accomplishments.

Let’s be ok with showing yourself love for the great things you do.

This is not being selfish, this taking care of your spirit and your well being. How often do you show yourself true love?

A few tips to do daily:

Daily affirmations

Take a few minutes to yourself daily

Accept that you make mistakes and it is ok

Read a daily motivational book

Write this on your mirror “You are amazing”

Learn to say “NO” – it’s ok, it helps protect your spirit

I will be posting daily on my IG page: coffeewithmrsking

Back in 2005ish, life for me was not at it’s best at this time. I you know you don’t always realize what friendships you have, however I continue to remember this moment. I was going through a lot, and I lived with one of my best friends. I am not sure what I was doing but I walked in my bathroom and she left a note for me written on the mirror in lipstick. I don’t remember all of it but I do remember it said, “you are an amazing mom and you are beautiful” I have never thought of myself as beautiful, an amazing mom, yes, but beautiful nah, and I still don’t, but to realize that you are beautiful doesn’t mean its your looks. Beauty is your attitude, your spirit, your heart.

I am grateful for her and her friendship.

Keep these people around, they’re here to help and celebrate you even when you don’t celebrate yourself.

Take some time today to work on loving yourself and putting yourself before others. Not to be selfish but for self care.


Wife. Mom, Step Mom & Dog Mom. Running is my passion. 🏃🏻‍♀️ But first COFFEE ☕️ Making my way through this wonderful blessing called LIFE. Trying to find out what my purpose on earth is. Living life one day at a time trying to inspire others.

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