Run at your Pace

Today was my second day running in Destin, FL.

Yes, I am one of those who runs on vacation. Running is my addiction away from everything.

As I was running today I noticed a lot more people out on the same path as me. They were just going on about their run and trying to get to their own personal goal.

I myself had a personal goal of 4 miles. I’m currently running 100 miles this month for a good cause called Stop Soldier Suicide.

I’m trying to get faster and run farther so I’m doing intervals while other walk and run.

I wondered, how many miles is she doing? How many miles had he ran?

Then I thought, that’s really none of my business. My purpose out here is for me.

Whether I run or walk , I have my own pace to do. Same as life, you don’t have to go anyone else’s pace. Go your own pace and finish your own race.

You’re here for your purpose and no one else’s. So whether it takes you 10 minutes or 1 hour, go at your pace!

30 Days of Gratitude

For the month of September, I have decided to give gratitude a try.

The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I have come up with 30 days of gratitude and will be sharing all my post on Instagram @coffeewithmrsking and Facebook (coffeewithmrsking)

Here is my list:

  1. Start a gratitude journal
  2. Say what you are grateful for about yourself
  3. Spend time with loved ones
  4. Write about what made you smile
  5. Thank your parents
  6. Write a review for a favorite restaurant
  7. Share a goal you achieved
  8. Write a memory you cherished
  9. Say Thank You
  10. Donate things you don’t use
  11. Share positivity
  12. Tell someone you love them
  13. Compliment a stranger
  14. Coffee Date
  15. Hold the door for a stranger
  16. Return the shopping cart
  17. Post a Gratitude Quote
  18. What do you love most about your job?
  19. What are you grateful for that you recently achieved
  20. What hard lesson are you grateful for to have learned
  21. What friend are you grateful for
  22. What has someone done kind for you
  23. What prayer was answered recently
  24. What change in your life are you grateful for
  25. What skill are you grateful for
  26. Bake a treats for a friend
  27. leave a note of encouragement in a public place
  28. Think about 3 great things the future may bring
  29. Treat yourself to a coffee or beer
  30. Spend time outside & appreciate the beauty of nature

I will tell you after reading over other bloggers gratitude posts I know I do some of these daily or through out my day, however I didn’t really realize how much more I can do.

Please follow and share this so others that may need to see it will and join in with showing gratitude towards others. Also is you are participating in this please tag me in your posts, I would love to share them with others as well.

If you have a choice, choose to be kind 🙂