How are you ending the year?

Are you focused on the good or the bad? Make it appoint to focus on the good.

Although for some it may be hard, encourage others, share your experience. When you focus on the good, the bad will become non- existent to you.

Remember this is your journey and no one else is on the same path with you.

So as the year comes to an end, focus on all the good God has blessed you with. Change your way of thinking and watch how you recognize your blessings.

Have a great day!


When I first started blogging, I remember thinking how much I would help others by putting my writings out for the world to read. I remember thinking how I would start small and then grow as a writer.

Currently I am trying to get that passion back for writing and blogging.

The other day and I was in traffic, I was listening to The Breakfast Club on 93.7. There is a female radio host by the name of Angela Yee and she really spoke to me. She has a segment called “Ask Yee” and this guy questioned how she found her niche.

Angela said, ” you can’t stop when something doesn’t work out the way you want it. You have to put in the work even if you are not making money.”

After hearing her words I began to think how I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I kept the excuse of “I will do it later” and sadly later never came. I even told my boyfriend, you haven’t been asking me about my blog. You know, trying to blame others for my own actions.

Well, finally never has come. I am writing today to get you through that funk too.

You are reading this for a reason!!

What ever you are doing, you have come across this post for a reason and I am here to tell you, don’t give up! Keep going! Keep pushing! Keep praying!

Being stuck is normal. Getting cloud brain is normal. Losing drive is normal. Just don’t stay there. Don’t stay in that mindset. Don’t let that take over the real reason you started!

Your thoughts direct you where and how to do something. You have a choice to do it with a smile, or be grumpy about it. Don’t choose the grumpy. lol

Stay the course and keep moving forward. Your break through is right around the corner.


More posts to come ūüôā

5 Reasons to set Goals for 2019

If you know me, you know that I am a planner. I plan for everything. I am also a very scheduled person as well. So I try to stick with it all.

I have spreadsheets for my budget. I set money aside for things, I have an emergency savings. I even have a budget of where I should be saving.

From groceries to school supplies to big purchases to gas, I plan and budget.

My budget is what keeps my family organized. I went from a single mom of 1 son and a dog to in a relationship with a boyfriend and 3 more sons. That’s right, family of 6 with a pup. We need to plan and budget.

My budget is so extreme my oldest son has this joke about when he wants something that cost a little more he says “Mom, put it on the budget.” LOL

Oh the possibilities!

With 2019 right around the corner, I have already started planning my new year. I set goals for myself and I do my best to crush them.

Reasons you should be setting goals for 2019

1. Goals help you stay on track.

When setting goals for yourself make them realistic. If your goal is outrageous you won’t be able to accomplish it. If there is no drive to do it then you won’t get it done.

I can hear you say “Crystal, I set goals to challenge myself and push myself.” That’s true but if your goal isn’t realistic you’ll get bored and then the goal will be a memory. You want goals that are a little far away but close.

2. Know your goals have a plan of action

Sit down with yourself and really think about what you would like to accomplish in 2019.

Not a New Year, New You but more of what do I want for myself, what do I want to accomplish. Create a vision board for yourself. Keep your eye on the prize!

When you have your goals in front of you, you are less likely to forget why you are working so hard.

Keep track of where you are with your goals. (Next post I will share how I do these things myself) One of my goals for 2019 is to lose 40lbs. I have a notebook to track my progress.

You don’t want to get discouraged and throw the whole goal away.

3. Accountability

When you set your goals, this means you’re holding yourself accountable. You have this in line with your life and you are going for it.

Remember a little progress everyday will eventually get you to that goal. Progress not perfection.

4. Feeling of Accomplishment

When I crush my goals, I really like looking back at where I was, how far I have come and the joy of accomplishing it. I create my own happiness by minding my business and accomplishing my goals.

I can tell you from experiencing I have never accomplished a goal by minding someone else’s business. You lose focus that way.

You are your only comparison so there is not a need to not mind your own business.

5. Preparing helps in the long run

Have you ever done something at the last minute? How did that turn out? I plan so I can enjoy. I plan vacations ahead of time, I plan for our date nights, I plan when I shop. This helps me stay in alignment with my goals. When preparing you set the tone for what you want.

Book that trip, set your goal and plan for it. Have that wedding, move to that city, buy what you want.

All these things are very attainable and you can have them. You just have to set goals to get there and a plan a long the way.

No, I am not a boring person and yes, at first it’s hard. You have to train your brain and this does impact the lives of others around you. Not in bad way but if the people in your life aren’t encouraging you or trying to help you, this could be difficult.

Remember this is your vision, not theirs. People only see at their level not yours. This is for you, not them.

Pray about your goals

You know before I start anything I pray about it. I ask God to help me with clarity. It took me a while to get everything together but I never prayed about it, I just did.

Without prayer and direction from God, you could be spinning your wheels and going absolutely no where.

So remember to talk to God about your goals. Make sure those prayers are in aligned with your goals and ask God for his continued guidance a long the way.

2019 is your year to shine!



Making time to Blog

I have noticed the last couple of months that I have been having a hard time trying to make time for my blog. I’ve also been having a hard time thinking of interesting topics to write about.

I enjoy writing and putting my thoughts down on paper, but I am having a hard time actually making the time for blogging.

I have a full time job and I have a family to take care of, but when I write it brings a peace that I can’t really explain. Although my mind tends to be more active when I am blogging, I feel more relaxed or relieved when I do write.

At this very moment I am working from home, waiting a few call backs and text to see if I can find coverage for an area, and this blog topic came to mind.

Earlier on my twitter, I asked how to make time for blogging. So if you do have something to share, please let me know.

I have come up with a few things to help with writing and posting:

  • make time for blogging
    • set a side a certain time to blog – clear your schedule
    • write the time down like a date or important meeting for yourself
  • write down ideas through out the day or when they come to mind
    • the note section on my phone was perfect for this
  • jot down writings on paper when you’re able to
    • sitting in front of the computer wanting to write can be harder than you think; jot down those thoughts to put them into use when writing

I am going to try these methods, I was able to get this post together because this has been something that has been on my mind for a week now. I did not post any writings last month and I do not want that to be my habit.

For all you fellow bloggers in a “rut” like me, hang in there and brain storm. The writings will come and your work will be noticed.


You are enough…

You are enough! Tell yourself that daily. Look in the mirror and say that 3 times.

Too often we get lost on what the world wants for us and lose sight of what God wants for us.

We try to find outlets in food, sex, money or even alcohol. Those things are truly only temporary and bring you false hope or give you a moment of satisfaction.

God wants the best for you and he wants you to know him and know how much he loves you.

I dreaded sharing my story for fear of what others thought. I know my life decisions have not been the best, I use to use the excuse of well God will forgive me so why not? Yeah I know, pretty crazy right?? IMG_0437

The truth is, your past does not define you as the person you are today. NO decision you have made before this moment matters. You have the choice to change everything you were used to doing. You can say right now, my past is over and I choose to live life with a different outlook.

I have learned a few things along the way of making my mistakes:

  • there will never be another you
  • you are different; thats perfectly fine
  • only you can offer what you have
  • you do matter no matter what someone else thinks of you
  • time heals only if you decide not to dwell in your past
  • learn from what you’ve done
  • never allow your emotions to cloud your judgement

Tell yourself today that you are no longer the person you were and you will step into today with a positive mind set, focusing on your blessings and giving no attention to the negativity. Tell yourself you are more than enough and can conquer anything with God right there with you.

I encourage everyone to share their story, someone needs to hear it.


Focus on the Goal

Blogging has become a fantastic hobby for me. I have to say I absolutely enjoy writing and sharing my truths.

I read a lot of blogs and I can see so much potential in the writers. I know for me when I get the notification that someone has read my blog or commented makes me smile. I enjoy reading the comments under each post. I can say, I love engaging with people whom I never met and discuss their views and opinions about my writing.

However, we do have those days where we have very little traffic and no one seems to care what you write.


Every now and then, check yourself. Ask yourself, why did I do this? Why did I start to write and why did I want the world to read my writings?

I can tell you for me, I started because I wanted to share what I have learned, overcome, pushed through, and prove to myself that yes, you do have a purpose.  There is a reason that God has you here on earth.

It feels absolutely amazing to see the comments that I receive about my blog and I really enjoy talking about Jesus and talking about how he has changed my life. Thats my niche, what’s yours? What’s your passion?

I recently had a conversation on Instagram with a female who asked how my christian blog was doing, and she had concerns about not having enough content.

One, the fact that she asked me had me all in my feels, I was so stoked, I was like OMG you asked me, but then I told her the philosophy I use “Ask God what to write about.” I feel as though if I talked to God about what he wants me to write, writing should be pretty easy. I mean who better to spread his truths but the man himself, and he can use my writings to do so.

The point of this post is to remind each and every blogger, focus on your goal. Why did you start? What do you want from this?

Yes you will have people follow and unfollow, comments will flow in and then it will be dry. You’ll have high numbers and low numbers, but focus on your goal and keep that in the front of your mind every time you begin to out your thoughts on paper.

Keep writing, someone wants and needs to read your work!


After the Storm – Goodbye Harvey

As we watched the news track the Tropical Storm Harvey and know that it’s headed this way but are unable to actually fully prepare for something like this has really shown the pride of the Houston and surrounding areas. Harvey then turn into a Hurricane and hit the Gulf Coast with a bang.

I’m sure you have all seen the news reports and pictures of how Houstonians really came together to help each other, but to actually experience this is something no t.v. news story can cover. To watch our community get crushed by rising flood waters and the thought that maybe we not recover from this is a haunting fear for all.

This storm not only rocked our world, but for most, crushed a spirit that was once thriving and vibrant.

Once the storm passed and the rivers continued to rise, we saw the devastation of what a flood can really do. The waters continued to rise on to the smaller cities near the Houston area. From Richmond to Rosenberg, from Wharton to El Campo to Glen Flora , Boling, Iago and the the rest of Wharton County,  these small towns were hit just as hard. Homes were lost, a lot of people were left to stay in parking lots and sleep in there vehicles or on tailgates of trucks.

I think I can say that no one is sad to see Harvey go. GOOD BYE HARVEY!

Just so all my readers know, HARVEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.

I evacuated to Wharton thinking that this would be the safest for me, my son, and my dog. The area I live in floods when there is a lot of rain, so I knew that I would be flooded in so I left. When it was clear for me to go home, that’s when I left Wharton to head back to Katy. However in less than a day, the Colorado river rose and the West Side of Wharton was over taken by river water.

The water continued to rise and began to take over the North Side. My son spoke with his grandfather and he said that the water just came so fast and before he knew it the water was in his house and he had to leave. He grandfather said “he had to know that God was looking out for him because he really doesn’t know how he made it out.”

Wharton, TX

To see the stories of all my friends and others of the community of Wharton take such a hard blow, makes me also realize that our small city sticks together and helps each other. Once the word was out that flood had began, shelters were immediately opening for those who were already seeing high water. People continued to bring items needed. I was following all the action via Facebook. This community put together teams to help rescue with boats. It was people helping their community.

Following all my friend on Facebook, they have so many people helping others. They are currently having a food drive and cooking for those who aren’t able to go back home. This city has really shown how to stick together! To see people stepping up and leading the way to help out was a true blessing. #wearewharton

Wharton will RECOVER! 

I say that with extreme confidence! Our small town was built on determination and Tiger Pride. The citizens there are quick to defend their town and will do so at all cost. I do ask for your continued prayers for our town. Its small but its STRONG!





Blogging with Confidence


So I thought I would talk a little about this subject for all the first time bloggers or the bloggers that are just starting. 

I follow a lot of social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I have come across the same questions, How can get more traffic? How can I keep people for unfollowing me?

Well I’m here to tell you, don’t worry about those things. 

Yes, you read that right, my first advice is to find what your niche is. Finding a passion for what you like to do and putting those ideas on paper really makes blogging a lot more fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re having to force anything. Writing about what you enjoy makes this extremely easy. You will catch the attention from a good size audience if you’re genuine about your posts.

Secondly, read other blogs. Comment on their articles, and share your opinion. I love nothing more than others reading and giving me their feedback on my blog. Feedback helps you interact and it also helps you learn from others. Remember, never stop learning.

Third, find social media outlets to help you grow. Follow Facebook pages with similar interests as you. I follow about 3 or 4 pages on Facebook, and I get a lot of traffic from those pages. These pages have a large number of followers and they also give you leads to others. The pages have helped me to help others as well. There is a very large blogging virtual community, with a lot of positivity; they have great advice and can help you reach others too.

Fourth, try not to focus on who is doing what. You have a particular style that is not like anyone else. You have a gift of your own, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t look at others with envy, look at yourself with accomplishment of how far you have come and how far you will go.

Fifth, stick with it. Try not to get discouraged when the followings aren’t what you like them to be. Give it time, time will pass and it will grow. I first started out reading pins on Pinterest, seeing how others got started and what they did to achieve their accomplishments. I think I questioned myself several times on whether I should or should not start a blog. The articles are great reads, plus they will help you as well with gaining the followers, attracting traffic to your blog etc.

Remember everyone started at the same place you did, THE BEGINNING. Don’t get discouraged with your progress, be excited about what is to come. With hard work, and dedication to your blog, the followers will come.

You can do this, keep going friend! 


God Bless!