Blogging with Confidence


So I thought I would talk a little about this subject for all the first time bloggers or the bloggers that are just starting. 

I follow a lot of social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I have come across the same questions, How can get more traffic? How can I keep people for unfollowing me?

Well I’m here to tell you, don’t worry about those things. 

Yes, you read that right, my first advice is to find what your niche is. Finding a passion for what you like to do and putting those ideas on paper really makes blogging a lot more fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re having to force anything. Writing about what you enjoy makes this extremely easy. You will catch the attention from a good size audience if you’re genuine about your posts.

Secondly, read other blogs. Comment on their articles, and share your opinion. I love nothing more than others reading and giving me their feedback on my blog. Feedback helps you interact and it also helps you learn from others. Remember, never stop learning.

Third, find social media outlets to help you grow. Follow Facebook pages with similar interests as you. I follow about 3 or 4 pages on Facebook, and I get a lot of traffic from those pages. These pages have a large number of followers and they also give you leads to others. The pages have helped me to help others as well. There is a very large blogging virtual community, with a lot of positivity; they have great advice and can help you reach others too.

Fourth, try not to focus on who is doing what. You have a particular style that is not like anyone else. You have a gift of your own, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t look at others with envy, look at yourself with accomplishment of how far you have come and how far you will go.

Fifth, stick with it. Try not to get discouraged when the followings aren’t what you like them to be. Give it time, time will pass and it will grow. I first started out reading pins on Pinterest, seeing how others got started and what they did to achieve their accomplishments. I think I questioned myself several times on whether I should or should not start a blog. The articles are great reads, plus they will help you as well with gaining the followers, attracting traffic to your blog etc.

Remember everyone started at the same place you did, THE BEGINNING. Don’t get discouraged with your progress, be excited about what is to come. With hard work, and dedication to your blog, the followers will come.

You can do this, keep going friend! 


God Bless!