No spend challenge – HUGE SAVINGS

Learning to budget my money was pretty easy after I realized how much money I was throwing away on nothing. I actually did a no spend month and had some savings with it. I did this right before Christmas last year.

Now when I say no spend, I don’t mean, don’t pay your bills or don’t go grocery shopping. I mean not to spend money on anything that is not a need.

I love to get my nails and hair done, those were both a no during my “no spend month.” We didn’t go to the movies, I also had to cut out my going out budget. No girls night out for me that month. On the plus side though, I did have money I could use for Christmas presents, and also had extra to spend on my son’s birthday, which is also in December.

To get started on the no spend month, make a list of all the things you spend on the “wants.” That’s your starter list of what you can not buy in that particular month.

Here is a list of ideas of free things to do on the “no spend month”:

  • go to a park
  • binge watch on Netflix or Hulu
  • family game night
  • check your area for movie night in the park
  • KSBJ¬†also has great free things to do on their site
  • volunteer at church
  • if you have a neighborhood pool – spend the day just relaxing
  • picnic
  • family bike ride
  • teach the kiddos how to cook and other how to’s
  • movie night
  • check your city’s website to see all the free events happening

With school starting for most, there may not be too much time to plan things during the week, but the weekend is a good time to get closer and more involved with the family.

Saving money is pretty huge for me, I have a teenager that eats everything, lol, but spending time with him also means a lot too.

Be blessed.